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Our Story

It all started back in 1979, the year that Minno Nieuwhof moved his whole family from Friesland, Holland, to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Minno knew that farming in the small village of Berlikum didn’t hold the kind of future that he wanted for his family. They had a small seed potato farm at the time, but there wasn’t enough space and expansion wasn’t an option at the time, due to rising land costs and regulations.

The plane the Nieuwhof's arrived to Canada in. (c. 1979)

Minno had visited Canada before, and knew that he wanted to take his family there. In PEI, there was more than enough room to farm, it was beautiful, and it held promising opportunities for the whole family.

Minno and his sons worked hard every year to produce a high quality yield. They began with about 125 acres, a contrast to the roughly 600 they grow now. Over time, they were able to establish themselves into the island’s potato industry and make a name for themselves.

It was in 1998 that they officially formed their corporation, naming it Blue Bay Farms Ltd. Minno passed away a year later, in 1999, leaving it to his three sons, Randall, Klaas, and Marten, to run the farm, with younger sister, Tineke, working alongside them. They’ve since been joined by Randall’s eldest son, who became a partner in 2015. The passion Minno had for growing potatoes continues to live on through his family, and the excitement of taking in another crop never dims.

"This is the best country in the world, the best place in the world."

– Minno Nieuwhof (Oct. 1997)

Left to right: Minno, Randall, Klaas, Marten. (c. 1994)
Minno and two of his sons, Randall, and Marten. (c. 1988)